Besides the way this new remark framework in Facebook lets you take part in two conversations one after another, the element just shows signs buy facebook likes and comments of improvement as the comments on the first story (connected pos) are strung. That implies you won’t get mistaken for the covering comments and you can without much of a stretch track and in light of the fact that the comments on and off Facebook are setting, you will effectively comprehend the whole discussion.

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So for all intents and purposes, the remark strings both in Facebook and in the other site are reflected to one another making copy conversations in two separate areas. Be that as it may, besides making a demonstration of partaking in your comments and strings, Facebook gives you a decision in the issue in the two finishes: you can decide to have your comments show up in Facebook just or show up on the two locales.

The extraordinary thing about this new Facebook remark framework is that, in spite of the fact that you have decided to let your comments show up in both online areas (on the Facebook divider and on the other site you connected a post to), it despite everything informs you and surrenders you a heads that your comments will appear on the two sites.