The primary and unique function of a home care agency is to provide professional care for rehabilitation or treatment services for homebound patients. Vitality Home Care Agency specialists should strictly adhere to an approved doctor approved plan of therapy and medication as prescribed by the physician and kept current each time for Medicare eligibility. This plan should include daily exercise, dietary control, mental health and social service components.

Vitality Home Care Agency – Is Your Home Care Agency Making These Common Recruiting Mistakes?

Home care agency staff should be registered nurses or licensed physical therapists who can be called upon to provide assistance to family members or those with whom an individual has had no prior contact. In cases where an individual is unable to physically care for themselves, such as in the case of a nursing home resident or elderly person, the agency should employ trained caregivers who can assist them in completing their daily tasks.

Home care agencies may refer their clients to a psychiatrist if they find their medical condition to be out of balance, have a mental disorder, or are experiencing depression. The psychiatrist will evaluate the condition and recommend a course of therapy to help the individual gain back control of their life.