A PVC Blanket Heater is a device that is used to heat pipes. When wrapped around a larger portion of PVC pipe and connected to the 120 V outlets, PVC Blanket Heaters allows users to manipulate pipe by hand and make pipe pliable. Small models F-3410 and F-3412 offer capacities of up to 6 in. and 4 in., respectively, while the larger models may be as high as eight in. Fixtures that use this heating equipment should be placed in areas where adequate ventilation is available because fumes can be dangerous. Useful stuff.

How Does a PVC Blanket Heater Work?

A PVC Blanket Heater works by generating a field that draws heated air into the room, causing the pipe to expand. The process of expanding the pipe does not happen instantly but takes about seven seconds. Once heated, the PVC blankets are then drawn over the pipe making it pliable. The PVC blankets are then wrapped over the expanded PVC gas to prevent gases from escaping. This device can also be used to make pipes more bendable, which helps decrease friction between piping systems.

The device can also be used in the same way as other type of portable heater, to make an area that does not have adequate ventilation available for heating. To do this, simply wrap the PVC blanket heater around the pipe in order to seal it. A fan is also needed to push hot air into the room. In addition, this type of portable heater has the ability to create its own hot air. This means that it can be used even if you have no access to a central heater.