If you are in the business of buying and selling items from a warehouse then you will have no doubt come across 3rd party warehouse FAQs. If you don’t know what they are then let me explain briefly. These FAQs are there to try to put the interested party on the right track as far as their understanding of the 3rd party warehouse facility is concerned. Many times we find 3rd party warehouse FAQs are set up by the warehouse owners themselves in an attempt to confuse the customer. I want to share with you how to spot them and avoid them at all costs.

3rd Party Warehouse FAQs That May Surprise You

The very first question you should ask yourself about any 3rd party warehouse FAQ is whether or not they have been properly inspected for quality control purposes. Any warehouse owner worth his salt will make sure that his warehouse meets all industry standards. Ask the warehouse manager if they have followed through on this. If they haven’t, then that tells you something. That’s why the inspector comes to the warehouse. They’ll check the equipment and see if it’s up to code.

The second question you need to ask the warehouse FAQ is one that deals with answering what happens if there is a problem with the equipment. I’m not talking about anything like an electrical breakdown or a plumbing issue. I’m talking about a problem with the equipment itself, something that customers can do themselves. If the warehouse operator is unable to give you an answer to this question then it’s time for you to find another warehouse and make your purchase from another manufacturer.