best things to do in san clemente

In San Clemente, California there are many different things to do, among them the best things to do in San Clemente are all day long. Even though the weather in Southern California is often very hot and muggy, you can still enjoy a stroll down the beach, or go snorkeling or scuba diving, whichever floats your boat. But if you’re the type of person who likes to take things slow and enjoy nature, then the best things to do in San Clemente are also things that involve nature. For instance, San Clemente’s most famous landmark is the Playa Grande State Park. Built on an extinct volcano, the park features a lush tropical rainforest, picnic areas, and even a nature preserve.


The beach at Playa Grande State Park is easy to get to, and has restrooms, concession stands, and shady pavilions. If you prefer to stay on the shoreline, there are plenty of great beach towels, barbecues, swimming pools, and other amenities for sale at the beach. Of course, you can always reserve a room at one of the many great hotels in San Clemente, such as the Courtyard by Marriott or the Hilton. Either way, you’ll be able to find some sort of accommodation that’s right on the beach, giving you a great place to relax and kick back while enjoying the beautiful scenery and the warm tropical ocean breeze. You can even rent a condominium unit on the beach, which will give you the benefit of being almost entirely sheltered from the sun during the day and a cool, private space at night.

If you want to get away from it all and explore San Clemente, you should consider taking a boat tour of the La Jolla Shore. Many of these tours depart from the Pier and take visitors on a scenic, two-day journey around the La Jolla coastline. There are several companies in the area that offer tours of this area, and you’ll have a chance to experience a little bit of the rich history of the area while you’re on the water. There are many things to do in San Clemente, and your next vacation should be an adventure you’ll never forget.