Another popular brand of bottled water is the Everpure water brand. This brand of water is made up of the purified water from three different natural sources. These include Mountain springs, clean, cool waters from natural lakes and the cleanest water ever from a hydroelectric power plant. All of this gives Everpure water coolers a high quality taste. sugars, calories or artificial flavors. Just drink cool refreshing water from your favorite Everfresh water dispenser and you will be recharged and ready to take on your day. So when you hit the beach this summer, remember to bring some water with you!

Find Bottled Drinking Water and Cool Drink Water

First let’s start with one of the most famous and well known brands, Purina. Purina offers many different styles of bottled drinking water such as the original flavor of Purina Water Cooler. This brand of water comes straight from you local spring. This kind of water has a very high mineral content to provide it’s very distinctive taste.

There are many brands of bottled drinking water on the market today, and each has its own unique taste. The only deciding factor for your choice of bottled drinking water is simply your personal taste. The following is a comparison of some popular brands of bottled drinking water.