A Pool Safety Certificate (FORM 23) is given when a Pool is inspected and deemed to be in compliance with the appropriate Fencing Standards. If you’re renting or lease your property with an above ground pool, a Pool Safety Certificate is compulsory if you wish to install a fence around your pool. In England, it is also a legal requirement to have a safety sign on your pool warning of the hazards of swimming. This form is valid for up to one year and is mainly required to be carried out annually.

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pool safety certificate

It’s very important that this form is carried out annually as it gives the necessary time for pool safety inspections to be carried out, as well as providing the opportunity to make any changes or ask for a revision. The reason for this is to enable you to keep up to date with the latest safety standards and ensure that your pool complies with local government requirements. Your pool safety inspections should also take into account new installations. A pool compliance certificate (FORM 23) will normally be completed after the pool has been installed, but is still valid for up to one year if the pool safety inspections have been carried out before then.

There are many factors which are taken into account when carrying out a pool safety inspection, such as access levels to the pool area, the positioning of the pool equipment, and the pool’s current condition. Many inspectors are accredited by the Care Group, who set out criteria which must be met to be considered for the top rating. When requesting a free pool inspection, it’s always best to contact one or two reputable fc lawyers. These are pool owners and inspectors who have been recommended by other pool owners or inspectors, and whose opinions are respected and dependable.