If you are a Waterloo South Australia resident looking for houses for sale waterloo then I would like to welcome you on this excellent update. Waterloo is now the biggest growing city in SA and has the most modern infrastructure to cater to its growing population. The recent release of the Centraliet magazine ranked it as the number one place to live for international students. This is based on data released in 2010 by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which shows that Waterloo has more per capita residents than any other city in South Australia.

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In Waterloof, there are many different options of housing including; private property, public housing, apartments and condos, farms and vineyard accommodation. If you are seriously looking for private property, why not consider Waterford Point in Wollomombi where you can choose from houses for sale including a three bedroom unit with garden, a fully furnished unit including appliances and a car parking area for two. Or if you prefer to stay in the comfort of a spacious apartment or condominium, there are many Waterloof apartments, condos and private houses for sale that can fit your needs.

Houses for sale in Waterloof are also available in both the private and public markets but the sale prices are higher than in previous years. In Waterloof, many private properties are still for sale including; privately owned homes, holiday home units, farm houses, historic residential homes and older buildings in excellent condition. This includes houses for sale from the previous owner, which were sold at auction for a fraction of the current market value. Waterloof also has many popular public houses, where you can easily find a nice bed and breakfast accommodation, or a good restaurant if you are feeling adventurous!