10 Common Mistakes To Avoid In a Salesforce Certification

The salesforce online training by CertsHQ is an all-inclusive package that includes certification study materials, practise tests, exam simulators and video tutorials. This complete package helps you prepare for the actual certification exams with ease while saving time valuable enough to start your real working career.

The following are some of the most common mistakes that people make when becoming certified on the Salesforce platform. Take a look at them before you start studying for your certification process:

1) Studying old material

This is one of the biggest mistakes made by individuals trying to become certified in Salesforce.  Many people neglect the fact that new certifications come up every few years which may include material changes, especially Exam Questions. It’s important to go through updated material to make sure that you aren’t left behind by your peers.

2) Not practising on a real Salesforce platform

Studying materials and mock tests on a local desktop is not enough. It’s important to go through the whole process of logging into the actual salesforce website and taking the test in an exam simulator for accurate results.  The last thing you would want is to realize during your certification that it’s much harder than what you had originally expected.

3) Skipping important chapters

This mistake can cause huge problems if made during preparation for advanced classes like Admin DBA. The entire course builds up with each chapter requiring concepts covered in previous chapters which are necessary to pass exams at this level. Make sure that you don’t skip any chapter or else you’ll have to read a huge block of text just before the exam.

4) Not taking enough mock tests

It’s important for people preparing for salesforce certification to take full-length practise tests under simulated conditions. Each test has additional features that allow you different options during your course of study, including practice questions with similar exam question formats and answer explanations for wrong answers (which can be tested in real exams).

You should make sure that you take more than one test using the CertsHQ exam simulator to get an accurate score on how well you will do in your actual certification exams.

5) Overconfidence

This is another very common mistake made by many individuals trying to become certified on the Salesforce platform. Sometimes people might be very close to the certification line and this can make them overconfident about their preparation.

This often leads people into skipping important chapters or taking tests with a high score that is less than satisfying in real exam conditions. It’s best to plan out a series of mock tests while making sure that your average score does not go up much while preparing for an actual certification exam.

6) Not practising enough

This is yet another mistake made by many individuals trying to become certified on the Salesforce platform. The worst part about this mistake is that it often makes people fall behind their peers who have been studying more, giving them a disadvantage during exams which can severely affect overall career prospects.

Make sure that you take full-length tests without getting too optimistic about your scores and continue to take more tests until you can get a score that is satisfactory for your career.

7) Unreasonable expectations

When trying to become certified on the Salesforce platform, it’s important not to set unreasonably high expectations of yourself. Many people often assume that they will clear the exams in just one attempt which is never true and the examination requires several attempts and there’ll always be some luck involved. Make sure that you prepare accurately using free study materials available online before taking paid mock tests on CertsHQ.

8) Not doing enough research on exam questions

When preparing for exams, it’s important to take the right materials along. Some people might fall into the trap of buying study material that is just enough to pass exams but has information that is not included in the actual salesforce certification test. Make sure that you do your research carefully and read through all free tips available online before buying exam packs on CertsHQ.

9) Not keeping track of changes and updates

This mistake often leads people into making unnecessary mistakes when they enrol in their actual certifications. Salesforce platform implements new updates every few months which mean there’s a certain level of preparation required if you want to stay up-to-date with current technology trends.

It’s best to purchase mock tests from CertsHQ after reading all materials available on the company website to find out if there are any changes made recently.

10) Not remembering important topics

This is another mistake that often leads people into making unnecessary mistakes in their actual certification exams. Instead of taking a lot of short term tests, the best course of action is to take at least 3 full-length practice tests with CertsHQ which will help you memorize key concepts required for the actual Salesforce platform exam.

After taking at least three quizzes, you can be reasonably sure about your level of preparation provided you haven’t wasted time studying low-quality mock tests from other companies which can severely affect overall career prospects in future.