Pest Control Companies in Charlotte

If you are having trouble with pests, you may need professional Proforce exmetinator control pest control in Charlotte. A family-owned business, Envirosafe Pest Control, has been serving Charlotte residents and businesses for over 30 years. Their technicians use eco-friendly, pet-friendly products to control a variety of pests. Their services include bug removal, termite control, roach extermination, mosquito control, and disinfection. You can also count on their technicians to leave your property spotless.

Critter Control of Charlotte is a full-service pest control company in Charlotte, NC. They specialize in environmentally friendly and humane wildlife removal. Whether it’s bats, opossums, or other unwanted creatures, they’ll handle the problem. Services also include attic restoration, animal feces clean-up, and damage repairs. This way, your home or business won’t be an infestation hotspot.

Mosquito Control Of Charlotte is another great company in Charlotte that offers pest control for residential and commercial properties. They use EPA-approved products to keep bugs at bay. Their technicians also specialize in the extermination of fire ants, mosquitoes, and hornets. You can even get a free consultation and quote to determine if your home needs pest control. If you are worried about bugs in your home, call a Charlotte extermination service for a free inspection and estimate.

The Noosa family business offers many pest control services to the Charlotte area. Its technicians are highly-trained and offer environmentally friendly services. In fact, this company has created a treatment for 13 different pest types, including ants, silverfish, carpet beetles, and crickets. In addition to pest control services, they also offer moisture control services, such as sump pumps, power vents, and vapor barriers.