How to Choose a Tree Service in Athens GA

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Choosing the best tree service in Athens GA requires some research. There are several factors that go into a tree removal cost, including the size of the tree and its location. An experienced tree service knows about local laws regarding tree removal permits. You should also consider whether the service can dispose of the debris. Most tree services have their own chippers, so they can take the wood chips off your property and give them to local parks. Find out –

Some Of Them Are Not Licensed And Insured

Trees in Athens can become a liability when they are not removed properly, so it is imperative to know the rules about this. For example, you need to have a permit for tree removal, and this will be based on the size of the tree and how big it is. The cost of tree trimming will also vary depending on the type of tree and whether the city requires special equipment. Depending on the type of tree and the size of the stump, it may be a wise decision to hire a professional.

While there are several tree service companies in Athens GA, you should know that some of them are not licensed and insured. You are responsible for any damage done by the service, and this may include damages to your property. It is therefore essential to look for a licensed and insured tree service. Ask the tree service company about their insurance and licensing. Ask about their rate and availability and request a free estimate. If the service is reputable, you can even read feedback from past customers.