Child’s Growth Journey

Childs Growth Journey

FoozKids Growth Journey is an app developed by Novo Nordisk that is designed to help caregivers measure their child’s height and track their growth. The app can detect any deviation from the standard growth chart of a particular country and alert caregivers to seek medical care. The app is a great way to raise awareness about GHD and guide caregivers and children toward early diagnosis and treatment. It is currently available for free download on iOS and Android.

Measure Their Child’s Height And Track Their Growth

A child’s growth journey can be traced using an app. The app uses augmented reality to track a child’s growth and develop their skills. Parents can track their child’s growth and develop skills by assigning them learning activities to complete at home. The data collected by the app can be shared with their child’s paediatrician to see if any irregularities are present. Using this app, parents can also be aware of potential developmental disorders before they are evident.

Growth charts help physicians and parents monitor the growth of their children. They can detect early developmental issues, such as growth deviations. Parents can also keep track of their child’s growth and follow-up on reminders. With this app, the entire process of caring for a child’s health is made easier. And with the use of maps, parents can communicate with the healthcare providers. The app has an in-built map functionality that enables them to follow up on the progress of their child.